Why December is Ideal for a Wedding to Remember

Why December is Ideal for a Wedding to Remember

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When you think of weddings, you usually think about the spring, summer or destination weddings on a sandy beach in the tropics.  But a surprising number of couples are opting for a wedding at Christmas time.  By doing so they are joining those who see advantages that make lots of sense when you think about it.  Venues usually cost less in winter, and are more likely to be available.  Family members are usually in town for the Christmas holiday if you plan to marry in the town where you grew up, or where the family annually gathers.  And winter is not the same snowy mess everywhere, but travel plans must be timed carefully to avoid flight cancellations because of weather conditions.  There might not be much a couple can do about the weather or about planes taking off and landing, but when it comes to a venue, holding the wedding at a Crowne Plaza Hotel is a smart and economical decision. 

Most locations boast all the amenities you expect in a world class hotel.  And Crowne Plaza doesn’t disappoint.  They have WIFI available in each room, well-appointed suites for a comfortable stay, and in-room dining for those times when you just want to cozy up to the remote.  If you’re concerned about staying on your fitness routine, their exercise room offers you everything except an excuse to stay away.  Premium bedding, quiet zones, and guaranteed wake up calls are standard offerings they urge you to use.  And they have more than 400 conveniently located properties so you can stay with Crowne Plaza and know you’ll get the best deal, best service and have the best stay.  Romance package deals that include wine and breakfast for two are available with a Groupon, and there are codes good for 30% off your next stay.  They have senior discounts and other promo codes for special offers and exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else.  There’s even a promo code that guarantees a price match.  There are so many ways to win with Crowne Plaza Hotels, the hardest part of your wedding planning won’t be choosing the venue. 

Christmas is remembered for all sorts of family gatherings, and a Christmas wedding is an ideal reason for the family to celebrate.  So if you are finding that booking your wedding in December will work best for you, let the folks at Crowne Plaza Hotels help you arrange an event to remember this December be it next year or next week.

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