Nutritional supplements for farm animals

Nutritional supplements for farm animals

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There are several helpful nutritional supplements available online to aid your livestock at all points in their lives. We believe that livestock should have the best start in live, and continue to remain healthy throughout their adult life, with as few issues as possible.Cattle and Sheep

Specifically for cattle and sheep, we offer a range of multivitamin supplements. There’s Bovigain Mineral Drench, which assists in achieving full genetic potential in your cattle from 3 months to finishing or pre-calving. It’s designed to provide a long-term supply of trace elements and vitamins to grazing animals, such as bulls, dairy cows, and calves.

Covisel(no Copper), is a dietetic feed for sheep and cattle, which includes several vitamins, cobalt, and selenium drench. It’s suitable for sheep and cattle at all stages of their development, even as lambs and calves. Similarly, there’s Covisel (with Copper). Both products can be used in water or milk.

Just for sheep, there’s Ovithrift, which like Covisel, comes with and without copper. This produce is designed to provide long term supply of trace elements and vitamins to eves and rams of all sheep variations.


Poultry are easily stressed, and need proper care and good nutritional help to thrive in their environments. Aminosol is for healthy, sick or recovering birds eating lessthan normal. It ensures that your birds get a good lift in energy, and can help aid recovery from diseases. When recovering after significant stress, Poultry Tonic Plus is perfect for your birds. It’s a multivitamin product containing vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and L-carnitine to help in maintaining a healthy immune system. You can also use Solulyte, Spectrum, and Vitacoolfor stress recovery.Extra D3 Solution can help manage rapid bone growth in birds that are quickly sizing up. It’s perfect for Grower poultry between 0 and 31 days of day. Vitaplus, however, general purposevitamin and amino acid supplement.


For pigs, the most vital part of their health comes from their cleanliness. A range of powerful disinfectants can be found online for your pig housing, and to clean down transport. Consider Viroshield, one of our most effective cleaning products, effective against even organic matter.


There are several complementary feeds available for young lambs and young calves. Sometimes the youngstock don’t get the nutrients they need from their mothers, and this is where products like Colostrum come in. Colostrum provides the vital primary nutritional support that these young cattle and sheep need when maternal colostrum could be lacking.

Look online at how Kilo Intcan also supply a boost for your young animals. Lamb Boost Liquid and Rotaboost are used when lambs and calves seem like they may be severely lacking in the energy that their peers share. It helps give their developing immune system a boost, and is convenient to use.If your ewes are carrying multiple lambs, there’s Twin Lamb Extra, a fast acting supplement that can give your ewes an energy boost, with a built-in feeding tube to make administering easier.

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