Essential Opportunities for the Skin Brightening Process

Essential Opportunities for the Skin Brightening Process

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Two drops of ‘serum’ are enough to regenerate the skin and restore the lost luminosity. Although its texture is light and watery, it has a high concentration of active ingredients that are quickly absorbed to improve the quality of the skin and potentiate the action of the moisturizer.

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting are the fundamental steps in the daily facial routine; a rule that is tried rigorously and to which is added a fifth component that promises to be the panacea of beauty: the serum (or serum in Spanish), which acts on a specific need such as moisturize, tighten, illuminate or autoxidize. What is its importance and when does it apply? How many skin brightening serum does your skin need a day? It is applied after cleansing and toning the face and before using the usual cream day or night. About the number of products, specialists say that everything depends on your age and the photo aging that they present, but they say that with this quintet you will reign.

Detoxify the organism

Several external factors favor the terrible appearance of the skin, among them, tobacco and alcohol are the main ones. Leaving these bad habits is a fundamental first step and follow a detox diet for some time. Drink plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables, fish chicken, fruit juices, etc.

Protect the skin

It is essential to protect the skin from the sun to take care of its appearance and health. Many of the most beautiful famous women whose skin is impeccable, resist tanning to care for their skin. But without going to the extreme of not lying down in the sun, you can protect it with an adequate filter, not only by exposing yourself directly but also by going out on the street. There are many makeup products and creams, which come with sunscreen and are ideal for daily use.

Exfoliate the skin

Remove dead skin cells and toxins from the surface. Recovering its luminosity and freshness is essential. For this, it is advisable to use a homemade exfoliate based on sugar and lemon or oats, milk and honey. Exfoliate the skin once a week on dry skin and 2 or in oily skin.

Clean the skin

The truth is that it is a routine of beauty that cannot be postponed. Since the days, the lack of cleanliness and the accumulation of dead cells, bring as a consequence a dark skin, without life, freshness, and luminosity.

Apply tonic daily

The tonic is as valuable as the daily cleansing of the skin, as it removes any remaining residue and helps close the pores. It also conditions the surface for the application of the humectant.

Hydrate the skin

Hydration helps the skin look healthy, fresh, luminous and radiant. It is essential to drink enough water to moisturize and also apply moisturizing creams with gentle massages that stimulate blood circulation and help penetrate the product.

Illuminate the skin

To give an extra illumination, you can resort to the serum blisters with silver finish, which you can apply on cheekbones and neckline. This skin brightening serum is perfect in every way.

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